Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Warm Ups from US History

One of the best classroom management strategies I have found is to have a warm up activity ready for students immediately upon entering the classroom. Over the past several years, I put together this 100 slide powerpoint of daily warm ups. One is up on the projector every day for my US History classes and usually connects to a lesson we covered the previous day. Each slide is visually engaging, with pictures, cartoons, charts, or quotes from history and connects to state and Common Core Standards.

Here is a video preview of the entire year's worth of warm up questions:

The full powerpoint is available to download here. Since using these warm ups I have found my students are immediately more engaged and are demonstrating greater comprehension of the material.


  1. Hey, I'm REALLY impressed! These took a lot of time to get together. I love the varied real images from history! And you've got great deeper thinking questions. Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher who obviously loves his topic.
    -Kim from California

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words!