Tuesday, May 19, 2020

World and US History Google Activities for Distance Learning

The past couple months have been some of the most challenging time for teachers that I can remember. Schools suddenly closed and teachers were forced to switch to a distance learning model that most had little experience with (if any at all).

Amazing, teachers across the country stepped up to the challenge and utilized resources that could help kids learn.

I created digital assignments and activities for US History and World History that can be great materials for this model as well.

For US History, the distance learning resources that have helped me the most were unit guide packets. They're concise and cover just the most important concepts that kids need to know for each unit. Each packet is 9 pages with a reading, map, people-to-know, primary source excerpts, a timeline, and image analysis activities.

These allow teachers to provide one simple assignment for kids per unit that is thorough and engaging.

For World History, I like using digital interactive notebooks for distance learning. These pages are like digital graphic organizers on the main concepts of each unit. They include links to online sources like readings, videos, and pages on each element of the unit.

These pages are great because they can be assigned one at a time to keep a nice pace or in bulk by unit so kids have everything they need.

I love these pages because they're visually engaging, provide a variety of activities like drag-and-drop timelines, graphic visuals, and worksheets designed to ensure kids know the main concepts.

Distance learning is tough for sure, but with the right resources it can be much more manageable for teachers and students alike!

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